kimberley's Journal


My name is Kimberley and I live in London. I am a massive fan of the TV show Supernatural. I support Arsenal Football Club. I work full time. I have recently completed a degree in Criminal Justice. I have 2 children. My daughter Alex is 14 years old and plays for a Football Centre of Excellence. She also has severe ADHD. In 2006 she was awarded the Junior Gunner Sport Star of the year award by Arsenal Football Club, for her achievement in sport. I have a 20 year old son called Richard who has Aspergers Syndrome, he still lives at home but he is now very independant and works full time. Even though life is often hard coping with my childrens needs and supporting them, their achievements make it all worth while. I don't write fiction and I am not very artistic but I love reading fiction and it is my way of escaping real life for just a little while.